A New Junicho - Forgotten Ruins -                                                                                     


                        Forgotten Ruins

                                      praying mantis -
                                      a sand dune sings

Moroccan Garden
                                      in oil, pencil and charcoal

                                      a cube of silence
                                      she weaves her pain
                                      into poems

forgotten ruins
                                      dressed in the veil of night

                                      wave by wave
                                      of togetherness

trapped in permafrost
                                      an ameoba swarm's signs

we change the side
                                      on Abbey Road

                                      coffered in his dusty cabinet
                                      the Iron Cross

child poverty,
                                      they do not look up
                                      from their soup plates

                                      tiny like toys
                                      fields below the fissured rock

the kingdom
                                      of heaven and ...
                                      noisy wind turbines

                                      gaps                        in our knowledge

                                      Helga Stania, Switzerland
                                      Ramona Linke, Germany

                                      hokku – Helga [shasei]
                                      wakiku – Ramona [cultural - art]
                                      daisan – Helga [cultural - literature]
                                      #4 – Ramona [shasei]
                                      #5 – Helga[gendai]
                                      #6 – Ramona [gendai]
                                      #7 – Ramona [cultural - music]
                                      #8 – Helga [cultural - politics]
                                      #9 – Ramona [cultural - social facilities]
                                      #10 – Helga [shasei]
                                      #11 – Ramona [cultural - religion]                                       
                                      ageku – Helga [gendai]

A Hundred Gourds 4:1 December 2014



Visual Innovation in Renku Poetry - 

Seasoned With Chili -Photo Shisan- June 2012   










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