vita notes

Haiku in English 


 ... Rückblick 2012



best friends 
snow has fallen 

First stars-- 
the woods of the taiga resting 
in deep silence

harvest moon 
the scent of pumpkin soup 
next door

On a cycling tour ...
the squashes in the front yards
bigger than the moon

Autumn glory …
the soothing sound of the moon
touches the lake

Svetlana Marisova Memorial Kukai Results

ghost station - - 
the sound of hasty steps 
trickles from the wall

(A Hundred Gourds) 

Hiroshima Day –  
early morning haze creeps 
along the river

Mammography- - 
the finely checked pattern 
of the carpet 

windstorm --
the purring cat  
on my lap

Black Forest-- 
at a wayside shrine 

Leeward Islands  
beyond the sea fog 
early sounds

shrouded in the quilt 
of stars

A rainbow
an old man's nap   

In the cloister garden 
a breeze of jasmine and  
no rainbow 
(shiki monthly kukai)


Sunbathing – 
in my dream, behold,   

before breakfast ... 
giving the stray kitten  
a bowl of milk  

dark roses ...  
an old man walk by  
in pouring rain 
(shiki monthly kukai)

Talk of crisis –  
in a neighboring tent  
the kettle hums 

mountain lake  
the calligraphy  
of the rain 


homeward bound 
from all heavens 
the sound of snow 

Her first kiss --  
the vast heavens  

vernal equinox 
the old farmer hones  
the scythe  
(WHA Haiga Contest)

Mainichi Annual Selection  

help my mother 
to have a bath
(First Prize)

morning chill 
the archer  
stretches the silence   
(Second Prize)

open air concert... 
one of the violas carries 
different socks  

spring moon  
in the cloister the echo  
of their steps 


War camp returnee 
the grey felt leaves 
of wormwood 

Icy fog- -  
cut fresh strawberries  
into halves 

Soldier's letter –  
a whiff of nameless flowers  
between his words

in the minster  
we listen to the chorus  
of the stones

Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest

Pilgrim’s rest  
at the edge of dawn  
scent of snow  
(First Prize)




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